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PVC Cling Film For Food Wrap

PVC Cling Films - A type of shrink wrap used for foodwrap

1. Gloss and clarity: HUAYU wrap’s excellent gloss and clarity increase the cleanness of the product.
2. Freshness: HUAYU wrap’s high transmission rate of O2 and CO2 and excellent moisture retention keep the food stay fresh.

3. Anti-fog: Generally, the market’s film are apt to be hazy and gather the tiny water drops for moist food wrapping.However, the anti-fog of HUAYU wrap can break up the water drops automatically to maintain its good clarity as well as the food’s freshness.

4. Cold resistance: HUAYU wrap’s excellent cold resistance remains the softness even under freezing.

5. Wrapping applicability: Due to its adequate softness, stickiness and elongation, HUAYU wrap can be well stretched over the food tightly without the trouble of sticking up and bad wrapping.









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PVC Shrink Films has a regular specification for packing:

Item Code Measurement Packing Carton Size
HY25 250mm X 500m 6 rolls /case 360 X 250 X 290mm
HY30 300mm X 500m 6 rolls /case 395 X 275 X 340mm
HY35 350mm X 500m 6 rolls /case 365 X 245 X 380mm
HY40 400mm X 500m 6 rolls /case 365 X 245 X 435mm
HY45 450mm X 500m 6 rolls /case 365 X 245 X 480mm
HY60 600mm X 500m 6 rolls /case 360 X 250 X 640mm


Our Quality Management System fully complies with the latest ISO9001:2008 standard.All products are inspected before delivery.

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