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PVC Shrink Films

PVC Shrink Films-Blown - A type of shrink wrap used for a variety of applications. The PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride.

It is an industry standard general purpose biaxial shrink film with outstanding sparkle and gloss for all non-food products. It has high internal tear resistance and good memory. It offers wrinkle-free shrinkage on high profile and irregular shapes - with good storage characteristics, impact and abrasion resistance. Made of 62% nonpetroleum resources and 100%vegetable based plasticizers. Available single wound or center-folded.

Common Uses of PVC Shrink Wrap- PVC shrink wrap uses include: packaging boxes, CD and DVD packaging, software, small canisters, and other non-edible items. PVC Shrink film is also works very well with automated machines. Sealing Strength,storage issues, and sealing by-products are common drawbacks of PVC Shrink Wrap. The plasticizer in PVC Shrink wrap hardens in cold conditions and softens under hot conditions, therefore compromising the strength of the seal and the plastic. PVC shrink wrap also releases small quantities of hydrogen Chloride into the air and carbon deposits onto the sealer. Proper ventilation is required when sealing PVC shrink wrap.

Blown PVC Shrink Films has an extensive variety of applications:
>packaging boxes
>CD and DVD packaging
>software, small canisters, and other non-edible items

PVC Shrink Films-Cast or Calender

Calendered or Cast PVC shrink film has high crosswise contractibility rate, high transparency and good evenness without crystal points, which is suitable for mechanical printing with good printing effect and is extensively applied in printing industry. Thickness scope: 0.028-0.12mm, the maximum stretching width: 2600mm. within which customers can order according to demands.It is widely used in shrink Lable.

Specification Value
Thickness 0.028-0.12mm   Thickness tolerance:±2um    Average thickness:+(-3~0)um
Width(mm) range:300mm-2600mm     width tolerance:+0-5mm
Meters and splice meter different:±100m   splice per roll:≤1   splice rolls per shipment:≤30%
Surface tension ≥38mN/m
Tensile strength MD≥50Mpa(40um) TD≥100Mpa(40um)
Elongation MD≥90%;TD≥40%

Shrinkage MD≤5%   TD:55-58% (97℃,3second)
Natural shrinkage MD≤0.5mm   TD≤0.5mm (35℃,1Hour)
Transmittance High transparency
Density 1.38g/cm³                                                                                                        
End face dislocation ≥38mN/m
Storage ±2mm

Cast PVC Shrink Films has an extensive variety of applications:
>Shrink Label
>Bottom Packaging
>Battery packing


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